The single most important aspect of any transplanted tree is maintenance.

These maintenance recommendations are provided for your information and use to
implement at the time Senna Tree Company completes our contract and/or concludes
maintenance responsibilities for trees referenced in our proposal. If maintenance services
have not been offered as part of the scope of work or as an alternate please contact a
Senna Tree Company representative for a monthly maintenance cost.

To insure continued establishment of your plant materials we have provided the
following basic watering recommendations as a guideline.

1. Water your trees by filling the earth-watering basin constructed at the perimeter of
the rootball with water, allowing the water to percolate into the rootball a
minimum depth of 18” each watering. Refill basin if necessary to achieve the
recommended percolation depth. Verify the depth of percolation with a soil

2. Before watering again take a soil sample from the rootball with a soil probe and
inspect soil moisture. This will indicate if adjustments in watering frequency are
required. Use the following schedule as a starting point.

Warm weather:   Fill basin twice weekly.
Cool weather:   Fill basin once a week.

3. Periodically rebuild watering basin and pull weeds as required to maintain waterholding capacity.
These recommendations address in a general way the most important aspect of plant
maintenance. Fertilization, pest control and professional monitoring etc. are other
aspects, which will help contribute to the successful establishment of your plant

Thank you again for your business and please do not hesitate to call if we can be of
further assistance.