When not busy saving and harvesting specimen trees, Senna Tree Company’s fleet of hydraulic truck cranes are available for rent serving Southern California green industry professionals.

NCCCO Crane Operators and certified rigging crews are available at non-union rates for non-union projects. Customers benefit from our crews proficiency and expertise in handling large boxed trees and ball and burlaped palms. In addition to a significant pricing advantage, the risk of damaging large expensive trees during handling is drastically reduced when using our experienced rigging crews.

Give us a call to schedule a rental of our operated equipment – Manny – (818) 279-3052 –


Rigging and setting specimen trees and palms takes experience and knowledge. There are no engineered rigging points on a boxed tree, the block and cable must be weaved through the canopy, trees come laying down on a trailer and must be rigged specifically to be stood up, then re-rigged once upright.
Bark can slip with a poorly rigged tree, certain months of the year can accentuate this hazard.

A huge advantage of Senna Tree Company’s boxing and transplanting of specimen trees is the experience in rigging. Every crew member has a deep knowledge of rigging laying down, standing up and setting large trees and palms. Our crews do this 5 days a week, every (working) day of the year.

The stakes can be high as some trees can cost tens of thousands of dollars and a botched tree rigging can instantly turn a profitable job into a liability.

Competitive rates combined + owned and operated cranes and machinery + unmatched experience. Its easy to see why Senna Tree Company has served California with the highest quality service in crane rental.

30 Ton / 51′ Main Boom

Senna Tree Crane Rental - 30 ton craneClick for Charts

40 Ton / 105′ Main Boom

Senna Tree Crane Rental - 45 ton craneClick for Charts

175 Ton / 167′ Main Boom

Crane Rental in the Los Angeles Area - 175 ton crane

45 Ton / 115′ Main Boom

Senna Tree Crane Rental - 45 ton crane


115′ Ton / Main Boom