Question: Do you purchase trees or palms?

Answer: Yes we do. The tree/palm has to be a desirable species that we feel we can utilize at our nursery for resale.

Trees must be accessible to our machinery, including in most cases a crane.

The tree cannot be too close to any hardscape that is not going to be demolished, for example a house footing or block wall.

Feel free to send an email to for any inquires.


Question: Is it cheaper to move an existing tree or buy in a new tree from a nursery?

Answer: Assuming we’re comparing like size, species and quality trees and there is good machinery access in both scenarios, then there is tremendous value in boxing up an existing tree to re-use in your landscape vs purchasing a new specimen tree from a nursery.

Typically the larger the tree, the more value it has when compared to a nursery tree and often times a 48″ box size can be a “wash” where the costs are about the same going all the way up to the other end of the spectrum – a large 132″ box tree, which the cost can can be only 25% the cost of a nursery tree of the same box size.

The box sizes in between usually scale up from the break even 48″ and lie somewhere in between in their value proposition.


Question: What are the odds of survival for a transplanted tree or palm?

Answer: There are many variables that make factor in the odds of survival, some include: Species, Size, Site Conditions, Identification of pest or disease, Climate/Season, Overall Tree Health, etc.

Senna Tree Company will advise our clients on these factors to ensure your tree moving job is viable and that the above factors are stacked in your favor.

Under good conditions you should expect a 95% + survival rate assuming the trees receive proper and consistent post-transplant maintenance.


Question: What is a specimen tree?

Answer: A specimen tree can be noteworthy because of its size and/or rarity. Specimen trees are typically large sizable trees.


Question: How do I care for my tree after transplanting?

Answer: Please refer to our Maintenance Recommendations


Question: Do you provide landscaping? Trimming? Demolition? Arborist reports?

Answer: We do not provide any of these services, although we will gladly give out referrals.


Question: Why box a tree, why not ball and burlap?

Answer: Short answer is that often times we do ball and burlap, based on the specific situation we will advise on which method of transplanting will produce the best result at the best price.


Question: Can i plant grass, or put hardscape or artificial turf over my trees rootball?

Answer: We do not recommend planting anything that will compete with the tree for resources (water, oxygen), or inhibit oxygen exchange in the rootball.

Hardscapes & artificial turf are not recommended as they can inhibit oxygen & water exchange in the rootball where it is critical.

A 2″-3″ layer of mulch or decorative river rock, pea gravel, etc. can be placed over the rootball assuming that it does not interfere with water application.